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VSCode vs. The world

To ask a developer if they ever wondered which IDE to go with, is same as asking if they ever wrote a piece of code.
This is THE basic question any developer struggles with from time to time.
And if you’d ask any senior developer, they’ll tell you the answer is_______, as this is one of the most opinionated subjects in front end development these days 🙂
So we won’t break anyone’s word, but we will happily provide some good resources for those of you looking into working with VSCode. Enjoy!

DAPPS in the real world

We’ve already discussed Distributed Apps using React on our blog.

Let’s see how it looks on a production app in the real world:ÐApps-the-pragmatic-approach

Future of React

In case you haven’t heard yet, on the recent React conference Dan Abramov announced Hooks.
Even though that’s still in the next Alpha version of React, it’s not less than a revolution in the React world and its ecosystem (someone said retiring Redux?)
You can either start on the conference link above or with the great practical example below. Be sure to tune in!

Adonis.js – (yet another) node.js framework?

Node.js frameworks are fun, right?
Well, sometimes… in any case, it’s always good to be aware of the new kid on the block, as it always has a thing or two to teach the old kids.

React Native – sleep on it

Some things you must go through and experience yourself, and yet – learning from experience of other is priceless.
So when a company like AirBNB spends time to write a series of articles about their experience with RN, you want to spend 30 minutes reading it.
(But forget that, checkout this cool office!!!)

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