It’s not a story if it’s in Saga

Redux-Saga is a well-known and much-feared side effects solution to Redux.

Part of the reason it’s feared is Generators – one of Javascript’s latest features, which is a core concept in Saga.

From my experience working closely with several React teams, after going through the initial barriers and getting used to Generators and some other Saga-jargon-four-letter-words, the team starts enjoying a well-established, flexible and powerful Redux middleware that helps enrich the entire Redux workflow and Developer Experience.

In this lecture we go through Generators and Redux-Saga, in an attempt to eliminate the fear of the unknown and help everyone to boldly go where (only some) have gone before.

– Nadav is the CEO of nSoft, a boutique Front-end development shop. He is a veteran (don’t say old) developer, team leader and consultant. With 15 years in the industry and 7 on the Front-end, he helps teams evolve, move faster and reach their goals with more wins and less frustration.

You can find the slides here.

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