Outsourcing & Consultation

Outsourcing & Consultation

You have a product. You have a team. You’ve got your offices, your team.
All is sweet.

You’ve got your deadlines.
Your team works hard.
Deadlines aren’t met.
Team works harder.
Deadline is reached.
Team is beat, and next deadline is just around the corner.

Moreover, code quality greatly suffers and the newcomers are afraid to take a look at big parts of the codebase. A huge Tech Debt is being accumulated.

Few years pass. “Let’s rewrite!”
And here we go again…

If that’s NOT your scenario – great! You’re probably expanding as you go which means you’re working with a high quality outsourced workforce already. Excellent! Come and meet us – and find out why it’s a good idea to have us on board, no matter who else is helping your team.

If this IS your scenario – then you definitely need to meet us. There’s more than one way we can help you avoid / break that tech debt loop.

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