Understanding the modern web

As part of our efforts to make the web easier for everyone, I thought to reach out and provide you with some interesting insights on common technological areas.

These days there are so many “apps” everywhere. We all use them daily on every walk of life – from counting our calories intake to calculating complex spreadsheets to communicating with everybody about everything.
The apps ecosystem has evolved faster than light, and nowadays there are not just mobile apps, but also “web apps”. Most people I get to talk to (even some figures from the tech industry itself) are confused with the term “web app”.
However, most chances are you yourself are using several web apps daily which you don’t even know about. And there’s a very good chance that in your business you probably either already built web apps or should build one to help your customers consume your services in an enjoyable frictionless manner.


Nadav Lebovitch, CEO nSoft

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