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Ever conducted an hour-long research in various travel sites, just to find out the next morning that all prices have changed and your time was wasted?

Pintrips prevents that unfortunate moment from ever occurring. By pinning all your travel data to a live dashboard, you're able to track flights, price changes and more, so that you never lose data, you're always informed, and can make the right decision at the right time.

When Pintrips approached us, they had a team in place hard at work on their platform, which made sure their infrastructure was covered. However, as the goal was to be able to target as many travel sites as possible in the shortest period of time, there was a need for rapid development of travel site APIs, while keeping a consistent internal Interface for all sites.

Our first objective was to determine the Interface, so that APIs development can be done in parallel. In order to do that, we have implement APIs for a couple of website as preliminary work and in order to learn the websites structure. Once we got a good sense of the needs for an API, we went into the architectural phase to plan & implement the interface.

The next step was to test it out - i.e. implement several websites using the interface to make sure it’s viable and consistent for all sites. In order to create "instances" of the interface and overload functions, we used Javascript prototypal inheritance (as that was pre-ES6 era) which proved out to be the perfect tool for the job.

Engineering wise, we used Angular, Lots of jQuery, Chrome Extension Framework, PHP and MongoDB in order to scan, persist and fetch the required data from all sites.

Thanks to the selected architectural solution, we’ve had a consistent API to more than 10 sites after only 3 months of work, and were able to implement more APIs as needed, and in a consistent way.


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